Butchers & Caterers


CHILLED PRODUCTS (up to 18 months shelf life) / Sea shipment

Meat products

Delicatessen in blocks, sliced/ Origin : Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, halal

Egg products
Meat loaves on a skew

Halal or non-halal, for kebabs

ULTRA-FRESH PRODUCTS (use by date up to 45 days) / Air shipment

Meat products

Premium quality meat (origin : South America, Canada, UK, Japan)/ Meat (origin : France and Europe)/ sliced deli with short shelf life

FROZEN FOODS / Sea shipment


Poultry (origin : France, Europe, Brasil)

Non-food products


Paper, bags, boxes and cartons / baskets and trays / strings

Equipment for food preparation rooms

Cooking, preparation, washing, ventilation / meat saw, grinder, slicer, sausage filler, vacuum packer, scale, blender


Aprons, hairnets, shoes, and deep-cold jackets

Equipment for shops

Table, display stand, showcase windows, handling, storage, equipment for buffets

Small equipment

Knives and sharpening, chopping boards


Hygiene and cleaning